Noodle Star Nostalgia

Amy Lynn’s famous “Noodle Star”. I made this in December 1981 at Jordan-Elbridge Elementary School in Mrs. Carney’s Kindergarten class. I walked to school every day back then, terrified in the “big city”, waiting for the comfort of Aunt Tootie driving by on her bus run, wondering why she couldn’t just pick me up. I wore two long braids or ponytails almost every day, with those god-awful bauble rubber band nunchucks. I remember where I was sitting in the classroom, I remember the selection of different shaped noodles we could choose from, I remember worrying if I’d used enough glue, and I remember waiting patiently for the best part…the golden spray paint! My Mom hung it proudly at the BACK of the Christmas tree every year, until her final Christmas in 2018. It became a game each year as an adult: I’d search for it and move it to the front of the tree (where it so clearly belonged) to see how long it would take her to notice. It’s lost a few noodles through the years, and the corners were starting to bend. Mom would laugh if she could see it on display in my house, but how I ache for it to be sitting in a Rubbermaid tote, awaiting it’s clandestine placement on Mom’s Christmas tree.

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