Black History Month…Who Gives a Shit? –

I’ve waxed a bit passionate in response to an acquaintance’s recent reply to a Facebook post sharing Mr. Trump’s “Black History Month” speech (transcript).  His comment was, “Don’t c a white history month??  WTF who gives a shit.”

No, there is no White History Month. What we fail to recognize, as the “superior” race, is that every month is White History Month. We don’t require a small segment of time be dedicated to our achievements – we’ve got it covered every day in every history book in America. A vast majority of the original black population was not here because they wanted to be. Whites came to America, took the land from Natives, then stripped blacks from their home lands – scattering families – and shipped them to the Caribbean, South America, and US. Blacks crossed the Atlantic by the tens of thousands in conditions deplorable even for livestock. If “fortunate” enough to survive the trip, they were forced to work, forced to practice Christianity, forced to learn the English language, and forbidden to be educated (lest they gain an upper hand and put us in our place). Post Emancipation, when blacks were no longer of use to whites, we tried to force them out of America. To where? We invited them to return where they came from – generations passed, families displaced – to a place which was no longer anymore home to them than here. The black population was left with little choice but to lay down roots where they felt largely unwanted. Here, they established homes, raised families, got educated, remained productive members of society (at least as much so as any white man), and FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY. I give a shit. I have black friends and black family who have overcome great obstacles and face many uncertainties. My 11-year-old could have delivered a speech with more heart than Mr. Trump on this topic. My point in sharing the transcript is that if a President cannot deliver a more genuine, fact-based speech on one of the most important aspects of our country, then perhaps it’s best to say nothing at all. He cannot meekly feign support and admiration for that which he has already displayed a blatant disrespect.

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